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ColtFax is a ground-breaking enterprise fax platform.

ColtFax acts as a replace to all existing enterprise fax platforms and has the ability to replicate all existing features and functionality at a fraction of the cost!

The ColtFax platform addresses the faxing arena, offering both significant financial efficiencies and document-management options with secure, scalable external and private Cloud options. A fax document is never lost and can be integrated into workflows.

The ColtFax solution often results in a minimum cost reduction of 30% of overall costs from the current system with strong integration that will streamline the current workflow and create administrative efficiencies.

IPFAX was created to combat the loss of fax numbers due to the analogue decommissioning initiative.

Instead of users and organizations losing the fax number that has been marketed to their client base for years, users and organizations will now have the option of migrating their number to the IPFAX platform which consists of two options, namely IPFAX to mail and IPFAX to device.

IPFAX to mail allows the user to send and receive all faxes to their email mailbox. Fax received are received as an attachment in a mail and faxes to be sent are sent as attachments in a mail.

IPFAX to device allows the users to continue sending and receiving faxes from their multifunctional device. A configuration is required to take place on the device for the multifunctional device to communicate
effectively. This configuration is required to take place before the account being activated.

Abstract Background


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