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Abstract Background
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For many years, businesses were reliant on paper-based records and
processes for their daily operations. This resulted in large volumes
of paper requiring physical storage, and with no way to stop or slow
down the paper generation.

How does DIGI work?

Digi focuses on providing businesses with an easy and efficient way of digitizing paper-based records, while digitizing paper-based processes to avoid the generation of paper entirely.

Digi approaches digitisation differently to other service providers; we work alongside our clients in understanding where their paper problems lie by applying artificial intelligence to metadata captured from all paper flowing in and out of their multifunctional devices.


Once understood, we are able to assist with capturing paper-based records, utilizing their existing infrastructure, and creating digital forms and digital workflows to ensure that paper does not continue to be generated. Digi provides both end-to-end managed solutions, as well as individual digitisation implementations.

What can DIGI do?

  • Digitally capture, OCR, index and store paper-based records

  • Utilize existing infrastructure for capturing of documents

  • Provide document management and enterprise content management solutions

  • Utilize artificial intelligence to identify high volume paper generating processes

  • Create digital forms

  • Utilize digital workflows

  • Integrate with other line of business systems

What are the benefits of DIGI?

  • Utilizes existing infrastructure

  • Reduces physical storage of paper

  • Process optimization

  • Improved Risk & Governance

  • Time Saving

  • Improved accessibility

  • Reduce capturing errors

  • Hosting platform agnostic

  • South African developed and supported


Full Customer Experience Service


All industries

Use Cases:

Medical records; HR documents; Manufacturing designs; Contracts; Labour relations etc.


Bespoke financial model and pricing depending on client’s requirements



Abstract Background

If you are interested in utilizing your existing infrastructure in a smarter way and save money, contact us:

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