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DECOSS Communication


- VOIP solutions.
- PABX solutions.
- Call Recording.
- Fax to mail.
- Email to fax.
- Decoss Cloud.

DECOSS Intelligence

- Artificial Intelligence.
- Business Intelligence.
- Business Analytics.

DECOSS Development

- Bespoke IT development.

DECOSS Digital

- Document management solutions.

- Optical character recognition.
- Digital signature.
- Workflow and Process flows.

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- Administration tools for the management of   products and order online.

- Payment gateway integrations.

- Logistics partner integrations.

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SmartFax is a service from Telkom and NGN initiative that allows any small business to electronically enable their faxing solution.


The NGN Group has an established 19 year track record in the telecommunication and digitization industry.


NGN had its origins in the telecommunication industry. We develop innovative revenue generating

solutions for a host of tier 1 and tier 2 carriers.

Our in-house development team utilizes a methodology that has come to be known as DECOSS.

DECOSS stands for Digital Ecosystem Software. This means that we have the ability to develop in-house bespoke solutions and also encompass existing infrastructure to feed into our software, integrating everything into a

one-package end to end solution as required.

The only constant that can be relied on in our new digital world is change.

NGN provides bespoke solutions that are innovative and utilize the existing infrastructure already in place to create the building blocks to a fully digital environment.




NGN prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of technology. We constantly innovate, integrate internally and externally to provide the best bespoke solution for our clients.

We have come to the realization that deployment of a solution is only the beginning of the journey. As users experience the system created, changes are required and this is where NGN's real strength comes to the fore.


We are able to accommodate user request changes quickly and efficiently so as to maximize the user experience

and success of a project.

The methodology we apply is innovative and ground breaking.

Over-reliance on expensive analogue telephony has left a large space for digitization. NGN with it's partners are in a unique position to create large savings for organizations.

Using the savings created, NGN is then able to assist organizations in creating a road-map for a long term digitization solution.


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