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 Decoss Digi encompasses all your ECM (Electronic Content Management): workflow, process flow, digital
 forms and includes digital signature requirements. Decoss Digi provides the tools needed to digitize your
 business environment.

 NGN is an authorized re-seller to provide the Square 9 product range for easy future client configuration.
 Under the Square 9 suite of products, the below modules are available:


  • GlobalCapture – Capturing of files, whether being paper-based or already in a digitized format.

  • GlobalAction- Workflow and process flow builds.

  • GlobalSearch- Search functionality for documents archived and stored.

  • GlobalForms- Digital forms processing.

 Decoss Digi provides complete control:

 1. Single source for all ECM needs
 2. Current and past success stories
 3. Vertically unlimited
 4. Scalability (SMB to Enterprise)
 5. Dedicated to product innovation
 6. Integration capabilities

 Unique features including key-free indexing, ability to annotate and redact information off of documents,
 while always keeping original files available for review, and comprehensive audit trails to

assist with business controls.



Decoss Digi is the digitization solution for any business environment.